Name: Ria Chalder
Age: 23
Volunteer Period: August-October 2009
Favourite Horses: Tequila and Holly
Riding Ability: Experienced
Based: Vilankulo and Benguerra Island
Favourite Ride: All over Benguerra Island!
Contact: Please request contact details from Mandy
Experience in my own words:
I spent three months in Mozambique; with most of my time based on Benguerra Island with Lucy and the 9 lovely horses there. I also spent 2 weeks over in Vilanculos with Pat and Mandy where I was lucky enough to get to ride some of their (gorgeous!) youngsters. Definitely one of the highlights of my trip...

Benguerra Island is stunning, and there is a horse to suit all abilities; from gentle one-eyed Zak to my favourite speedy Tequila!

My daily routine would involve getting up early for the horses' feed-time and to let the grooms know whether any of the horses needed to be kept in for a morning ride. The grooms would then take the rest of the horses out to graze, and I would help the grooms tack up, or clean any tack from the previous evening's rides etc. The rides on the island are amazing and the whole time I was there I never got used to how beautiful the place was. You see something new on every ride you go on...

There was plenty of time to enjoy what the island had to offer- I was lucky enough to go fishing, snorkelling, diving and on a dhow trip, and when there were no rides booked I would sometimes go for a ride on my own.

Lucy is great and was always there when I needed her (Thank you Loose!), and the rest of the staff at Benguerra Lodge also made me feel completely at home. I had such an amazing time in Mozambique and miss all the people and horses so much :-(

Written by Ria Chalder (A volunteer at Mozambique Horse Safari)

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